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Loren Rhoton has 20+ years of experience handling direct felony appeals in the Florida appellate courts. His extensive knowledge of the appellate procedural rules and applicable legal authorities ensures that your felony conviction will be zealously and thoroughly attacked on appeal. A conviction is not the end of your case. Our team will vigorously fight to overturn your case on appeal.


Motions for Post Conviction Relief, and Habeas Corpus Petitions

Loren Rhoton’s expertise in post conviction matters has been recognized by attorneys, judges, and the Florida Bar. Mr. Rhoton has testified as an expert witness regarding post conviction claims. He has handled hundreds of post conviction cases in the Florida and federal courts. With the necessary licenses, certifications, experience, and knowledge, Loren Rhoton can handle any post conviction matter arising in Florida, including motions for post conviction relief, federal petitions for writs of habeas corpus, sentence corrections, and petitions for extraordinary writs in all courts, including U.S. Supreme Court certiorari.


Corrections of Illegal Sentences, Reduction, and Mitigation

Florida Sentencing law is constantly developing and evolving. Knowledge of applicable sentencing guidelines, statutory sentencing factors, and sentencing enhancements is a must for evaluating the legality and propriety of a sentence. Our firm has such experience. We have pursued and obtained relief from illegal, unfair, and improperly enhanced sentences, in numerous cases. 


Pardons, Commutations of Sentences and Restoration of Rights

Clemency is a form of relief created to ensure that an individual is afforded every opportunity to obtain relief from a criminal judgment and sentence. This is accomplished by giving the individual an avenue to request that Florida governor’s office review his or her sentence or criminal history in pursuit of a pardon, commutation of sentence or a restoration of rights previously lost due to a criminal conviction. Our firm is here to provide individualized, personal assistance to those in need of pursuing these avenues of relief.

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